Remote Working 101 (iAM0036)
Remote Working 101 (iAM0036)
The world is changing fast. Many of us are working from home for the first time and discovering the challenges this can bring. Whether you’re a total newbie or remote working veteran, you will benefit from these 10 essential lessons. Skills...
COVID-19 Awareness (SEL01)
COVID-19 Awareness (SEL01)
We wanted to use our skills to help our clients and friends in this difficult time, so we set about coming up with a way to do that. Even though this is a small gesture, we wanted to make sure that we could do something for you that would...
A Rational Guide for Returning to the Post COVID-19 Workplace for Employers (VD088)
A Rational Guide for Returning to the Post COVID-19 Workplace for Employers (VD088)
A reintroduction to the office needs to be handled with care and done diligently. Read these 11 considerations to begin your company’s plan and ensure a successful transition back to work.
Sweats to Suits (VD089)
Sweats to Suits (VD089)
The return to the office is something that can be planned for in a more organized and orderly fashion than the WFH rush. However, are you mentally and physically ready for the return? This course is a commonsense guide for returning to the post...
Do You Overreact (VD090)
General Business
Do You Overreact (VD090)
"If you believe you tend to overact in stressful situations, then it would certainly benefit you to tackle this issue. Whether you realize it or not, others notice these reactions and behaviors, and may be uncomfortable working with you,...
Giving Clear Work Priorities (VD091)
General Business
Giving Clear Work Priorities (VD091)
There are a lot of things a person can do to be successful in one’s job, but knowing what work must be achieved is one of the more important items. Knowing what work must be delivered and when helps anyone stay focused and achieve success...
Persevere During Setbacks (VD092)
General Business
Persevere During Setbacks (VD092)
"Persevering when bad things happen isn’t always easy. Sometimes the negative event seems too big to overcome, causing us to get stuck and to not move forward. Other times our emotions get the better of us and cloud our judgment. This is not...
Stay Productive While Waiting for Answers (VD093)
General Business
Stay Productive While Waiting for Answers (VD093)
"Most of us have had the experience of waiting for information or needing something to get done before we can move forward in our work. In these situations, a piece of information or action is required before we can perform the next step in our...
Right Information at the Right Time (VD094)
General Business
Right Information at the Right Time (VD094)
"It’s no secret that the world of information has exploded over the last few years. Information is everywhere. In fact, there is so much information, in so many places, it’s impossible to take it all in. Which means the challenge for all of...

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